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Opacity Monitor
The SM-202 Opacity monitor is an advanced dust particle and smoke monitoring system designed for use on a range of applications.

Using state of the art electronic design techniques, DynOptic Systems have created an opacity monitor that is rugged and accurate and requires minimal maintenance.

The signal processing is performed in the sensors using the latest generation of microprocessor and data is exported by serial data link to the control unit, which can be up to 1 Km from the sensors.

The SM-202 has a panel mount control unit designed for mounting on enclosures in control rooms and ship's engine rooms.

The SM-202 provides the complete answer to smoke and particulate measurement.

Features: Applications:
  • Opacity, Transmission and Extinction units
  • Mass Concentration (mg/m3)
  • Meteorological visibility
  • Ducts up to 12m in diameter
  • Simple installation and set up
  • Up to 1 Km between sensors and control unit
  • Panel mount control unit
  • High dust and maintenance alarms
  • Analogue and serial outputs
  • Reliable and robust sensors
  • Industrial Smoke stacks
  • Dust collectors
  • Dust concentration
  • Ambient dust monitoring
  • Road Tunnel Visibility
  • Marine smoke stacks
  • Chemical processes
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