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  • Design, supply, install and maintain steam system including boiler, steam piping, steam header, pressure controls & instrumentation, fuel and water piping & tank, chimney and smoke density monitor.
  • Design, supply, install and maintain hot water system including hot water boiler, hot water piping, expansion tank, temperature controls, fuel piping, chimney and smoke density monitor
  • Design, supply, install and maintain thermal oil system including thermal oil boiler, pump, expansion tank, temperature controls and thermal oil piping and insulation.
  • Design, fabricate and install steel chimney including submission to the relevant government authorities.
  • Overhaul of steam boiler for statutory annual inspection and 10 th year inspection including hydrostatic pressure test, ultrasonic thickness gauging test, replacing boiler insulation and casing.
  • Boiler re-tubing and repair.
  • Conversion of oil-fired boiler to fire natural gas.
  • Service and repair burners, water softener, smoke density monitor etc.
  • General mechanical , electrical and control engineering works.


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